Anniversary And So On

1. Do you ever think of moving elsewhere for a period of one year or two years? If yes, where would it be, if no why?
2. If you had a lot of money so much so that you could do anything at all that you wanted for a living, what would you do?
3. What’s your happy place/happy activity?
4. Do you think there is something bigger than yourself? Something or someone to which you would defer happily?
5. What would you do if there was no internet, even if it was just in a rural place for one week?

It is now one year since I began writing this blog. One hundred and five followers and forty posts later, I am thankful for the decision to begin writing it. I am also thankful to the blog companions whom I have run into along the way. It has been a really interesting journey so far, and I am looking forward to discovering some more blogs and readers along the way.

Today I was reading Moi’s blog and in the final paragraph of his post called drag, he asked for his readers to ask him a question or a number of questions. I did ask him a number of questions which I thought would be really interesting to answer here myself.

I am one of those people who have their lives dreamt out and know exactly where it is going. Don’t get me wrong, I have room for flexibility, as long as it does not change the grand scheme of things. So anyone who knows me will also understand why I resigned from my job on my birthday. I am taking a trip for a year+. I am moving to good old wet England for 14 months to study for a proper Msc to open up more opportunities for work in International Development. I chose a University in Luton, mostly because it was not priced at an arm and a leg and the faculty’s approach to Project Management is very innovative. However, lately as I have tried to research the city a bit more, all I read and hear is that it is the chav capital of the UK. A bit too late for that now, seeing as I have paid all the fees and bought the flights. If it is as rife with racial and ethnic conflicts as all the websites say it is, then it will certainly not be too different from some parts here ha! That’s for another post. So yes, moving around from place to place is something I see definitely in the course of my stay on planet earth. Right now, there are a few countries calling out to me; Ethiopia, the mountains and the culture are so rich, I want to live that a little. Tanzania is a beautiful place, I would like to live in Dar and perhaps climb the Kilimanjero at some point. South Asia fascinates me, I would like to experience Nepal and India, and not just to visit and go home like a tourist. I would like to walk some of Spain; the El Camino De Santiago is definitely on my bucket list. However, I am miserable in the cold and do not know how I could survive the cold for more than two weeks at a time.

If I had a lot of money so much so that I do not need to work anymore, I would set up an education trust which will give scholarships for a really good education to girls and boys from disadvantaged backgrounds to open up opportunities to them for growth and options. Then I would invest in performance arts and create a hub for artists in Abuja. I love cozy cafes that make you feel warm inside. So I would set up one to start with; Ethiopian coffee and moist cakes, wifi, wine, spoken word nights, chalkboards, clean lines, minimalist interiors, comfortable cushions, colourful rugs made from rags for sitting on the floors, wooden steps, a nice vibe. I could live there!!! I could spend all day there editing my photos, writing short stories and shocking theatre pieces.

That’s really my happy place up there. I love to sit in a cafe and just chill and write. I also like to sit at home on the weekends in something comfortable, reading a book and having a glass of wine. I love the smell of dust on a harmattan morning, I love that first smell of earth after the first rainfall post- dry season. I love to cuddle with that special someone while we just listen to music or to the sound of our heartbeats.

I believe there is something much bigger than myself. I believe that there is a creator of what we know as the universe. I do believe in God, I also believe in the energies he put in his universe and in our minds and bodies. We become what we strive to be, because we have conceived it and have put in the miles for it.

In the course of my work, I have had to travel to rural areas where internet was non-existent or extremely epileptic. In those places, I simply read books that I had taken along, written in my little notebook; diagrams, sketches, lines, poetry, plans, vision boards, then read some more. I also picked up yoga along the way. A portable radio is also very helpful and can keep me company for days. But it gets frustrating if I am unable to check my emails after two weeks. When I spent one full year in Gumel, there was no internet, indeed there was no mobile network connection for the first 6 months I spent there teaching English at a rural school. The spirit of community I felt there in those months was incredible and I have felt nothing remotely close ever since. I did escape to Kano every now and then for a proper salon, a nice restaurant and my emails. Whereas the internet has its merits; it turns the world into a global village and opens it up in such a manner that boggles the mind, it also changes families and sometimes the human interactions which should matter no longer exist.

Do you think you could live anywhere else but your home country? Could you live without internet? What is your happy place? Please share your thoughts with me.


  1. moi

    Great responses to your own questions you posed me, That Cafe sounds superb well as does the education thing. If you dont like the wet and cold Luton, indeed the UK is going to make you miserable, have you seen the news about our flooding and 100mph winds?

    1. Anne Chia

      I have actually been following the weather there. I really do not know how I shall deal with it. I am hoping that by the time I arrive in March, it will be dry. I can deal with dry cold, what I can’t stand is the wetness. Surely it is not wet all the time?

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

  2. Carrie Rubin

    I always enjoy visiting your site because you transport me to other places. I lived in Paris for a year after high school where I worked as an Au Pair girl. The family did not treat me very well, and my living conditions were not great (I shared a ‘Turkish’ toilet with the rest of the help living on the servant floor of a big apartment building), but I was young, and I was in Paris, and I learned so much that nothing else mattered. I think I’ll do a blog post on that soon.

    Exciting to hear about your upcoming move to England. I hope the community works out okay for you, and that your studies provide what you’re looking for. I’m sure you’ll make the best of them regardless!

    1. Anne Chia

      Wow you lived in Paris! I have often romanticized that city, but treating an au pair girl badly is not something you ever imagine could happen in such a beautiful place. Ah well. I look forward to reading your post about your Paris experiences. Do you still speak french then?

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

  3. Chinwe

    that’s the kind of cafe I would love to own. A very cozy place with a fireplace (ok maybe not a fireplace but a mock one), dim lights and the buzz of conversation. Somewhere to sit during the rainy season with a book and a cup of tea or coffee. Gosh I can just picture it. With the sweet smell of baked goods. My paradise.
    I’ve always wanted to visit/live in Japan. Actually my older sister and I have made several plans none which have come to fruition. My obsession with Japan probably has something to do with all the anime (Japanese animation) I watch and their interesting culture. If I had all the money in the world that would be my first destination followed by Paris, the city of love.

    1. Anne Chia

      A cafe with dim lights and the buzz of conversation, yes. Oh and maybe hookahs? I can just see it now. I can understand the fascination with Japan! I’ve heard great things about the culture and the sights. You girls should explore it soon before the babies start coming hahaha. Ah Paris! My bucket list is soooo long. I have to climb the eiffel tower at some point, and hopefully visit the louvre as well to behold the Mona lisa. Thanks for stopping by

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