Day 1: My Journey Towards Finding Inner Peace

I experienced meditation for the first time in my life yesterday. In the beginning, I was very keen to follow the voice guiding the process in the meditation Mp3 and the first thing I made sure to do was to find a comfortable sitting position as I was not sure how my body would feel after 35 minutes of sitting in the same position. I tried to empty my mind and think about nothing at all. It was difficult as different thoughts continued to run through my mind. I began to focus on different parts of my body, letting my jaw slack and the tongue fall from the roof of my mouth. When the voice on the mp3 asked that I let myself go, like an innocent baby, thoughts of babies came into my head. It was distracting but soothing. During those 35 minutes, my mind was not empty at all, different thoughts kept clouding it. I seemed to be reliving the previous day at some point. However, towards the end, when I began to take deep breaths, this calmed me and I felt like I was floating away. I felt at peace and calm afterwards. Tomorrow, I shall try deep breathing from the beginning.

source: google images
source: google images

I believe peace is possibly the best ingredient for a happy and fulfilled life, as one human being and as entities of a much larger community. I can certainly relate to the stories I hear everyday about stress and worry in people’s lives, anxiety over money and health problems. I understand the struggles which we go through, as individuals living our lives everyday and trying to have a balanced existence in the midst of so much stress. When I heard about Peace revolution, I wondered why two seemingly different words were placed side by side. But I can see why now, if people work hard towards finding peace within themselves, that inner peace will definitely “take over”, so to speak, and shine through while throwing a glow on the communities in which they live.

I am keen to find out the place of peace in finding happiness; I have often wondered if both are one and the same, or if one is dependent on the other. I look forward to learning more about peace, finding it within myself, and the after effects that it will bring in my life.

I enjoyed this process on my day 1. I will be honest and say that it has not answered all the questions that I have. What it has done is give me the desire to come back to explore it further and learn more. This is the first time I have tried to find inner peace through meditation. In the past, I have only explored calmness and peace through seminars, praying and yoga, and hobbies/recreation. While the merits of those cannot be understated, I have enjoyed this process of quieting my mind, of stillness. I found that it takes a great deal of focus and patience as my mind wandered a lot. I do like how I felt afterwards and I hope that in the next 41 days, it will become easier.


  1. Carrie Rubin

    Off to a good start it looks like! People who meditate swear by it. I know I should do it, but I always get back to that no-time thing. But I do take down-time, mostly in the form of reading fiction or watching a favorite show. Not the same, I know, but it’s relaxing and restorative to me.

    1. Anne Chia

      That’s all that matters really I think; the fact that you can get that “me time” out of it, which translates to relaxation and restoration, that’s equally great. The first day went better than I expected, since it was my first experience. We shall see how it goes. Thanks for reading

  2. moi

    I’ve tried things before where I’ve been told to “empty my head” or “think of nothing” I find this impossible personally, as with you thoughts creep in and cloud things, and if you are actively thinking of nothing then you are still thinking of something… Once You (or I or anyone) can get past that point and actually clear their thoughts, I think that is the first “big” step.

    1. Anne Chia

      I know, “empty your mind,empty,empty,empty” is usually the opening line. Hmmm it is not working for me at all. I relive my day’s thoughts a lot. But this trick of focusing on an imaginary object in my centre may be just what I need. Thanks for reading M

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