Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

I was going through my archives, and I found a piece I wrote in 2005. I was 22, volunteering as part of the National Youth Service Corps in a small rural community; a relationship had just ended, I was angry, bored and lonely and it showed in this piece. I had a good laugh reading this. Actually, all the pieces I wrote during that time were dark, angry and violent hahaha. Check this one out, it’s a lot of rambling 🙂


Sons Of Adam

You are like Pharoah
The female’s bane
That cup overflows yet
Take a sip
A gulp…
Like a greedy child
The insatiable rider at the peak of dry season

I smell a rat
His voice trembles so
Those sweet lips refuse my offering
Are we still composing?
Hear more fragments of soundless soprano
If you are not my bane
Speak those words I long to hear
What omen…who stops you so?

Like the greedy child
You clutch the dry fish in your tight fist
Yet you seek another and cry for more
No more sweet words
I know your type
The bathroom has become the switchboard
Seems you answer the call of nature
As you answer the call of Eve’s child
Speak up then…be heard.

So I win
I know your type
Lover …Man…Poet
The devil’s envy
The devil’s envoy
You tell me…what more do u want?
I tell you man
I have seen Shakespeare
I sat at the helm of his royal excavation
And Aphrodite and Nymphs blessed me at birth.

Speak up Adam’s offspring
What more do you want?

My talents abound
In good time… the rain will fall
Look …the clouds lie in wait….prepare the path

Last night I sharpened that metal
I had no corn stalks to harvest
Listen sisters
No wild growing plants or weed

Only one wild stem full of seeds
Seems the stem began to flowers to tend
Listen sisters
It’s flower remained unattended

So I took care of it
You do not want it coming near your gardens
I sharpened that metal
He played me with words.

But the eyes must see
They believe as they see
No sweet words trick me
He’s like a tortoise
Cunning …slow…sure
Last night I chose to be Thomas

Listen sisters
I did him in.


    1. Anne Chia

      Hehehehe thanks for reading Carrie. I certainly agree, every time I have written something that I really liked, either because it calmed me, or cracked me up, it’s been on a certain emotional roller coaster. I have to find the balance though, something has to be said for writing when there is nothing going on in one’s life.

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