Hahahaha She Can’t Read A Map

So I know that in a couple of years, I will probably be working with another IP or a Development Agency in India, perhaps Addis or even Afghanistan. I intend to move around some in the course of my career, perhaps two years at a time in one place. There is a small problem with this plan. I can’t read a map. To make matters worse, I am really bad at finding directions. When I go out at night with my friends and am driving, you will probably hear phrases like.

“Haba Anne that’s not the way o”.
“Where are you going now”

To which I always answer;

“Sit there and wait for me to find it, you know I have no idea”
“I know where am going, this is just another road to avoid those stupid roadblocks”

It all depends on my mood. But it is a fact universally acknowledged that I generally do not know where am going (for the most part).

hahaha she can't read a map: Photo Source: www.clipartof.com
hahaha she can’t read a map: Photo Source: http://www.clipartof.com

I was cleaning up my car yesterday and found an old map under the seat. It was a map that was handed to me a couple of weeks ago during a charity walk. I remember asking someone;

“Which way back to the lake”?

The person just thrust the map of the walk route into my hands and walked off. I threw my head back in the middle of the road and laughed heartily. Someone caught up and asked me what was so funny.

“Hahahaha she can’t read a map”, I said.

This nice looking guy walked off rather quickly, he probably thought I was a crazy person, talking about myself in the third person and cracking up so much at myself.

Let’s face it, I am in trouble. How can I advance career wise and excel in the field if I cannot figure out what is what on a map? GPS devices do not count. I use them occasionally, and they speak. I do want to learn how to read regular non-speaking maps. I wonder if there is a software that can help me.