I Have No Blog Awards Manners

Blogger Award Photo Source: photoblogawards.com
Blogger Award
Photo Source: photoblogawards.com

As you know, am relatively new to this blogging experience (at least to sustained blogging), and am really happy to say that so far, am enjoying it. I have found some fantastic bloggers whom I cannot wait to read their posts.

Am posting this because I have noticed that there are lots of awards making the rounds in ‘blogosphere’. A blogger whose posts about writing I find very interesting nominated me for an award. I was thankful for that, and I expressed it. However, I was not sure how to react. What does one do when nominated for a blogging award? Does a nomination mean a win also? Or do I have to wait for a winner to be announced comme the oscars? Does one give an acceptance ‘speech’? Is it rude to ‘un-accept’ it? What is the point of blog awards?

This post is not intended to come across as an anti-blog awards one. It is just something am curious about and will like to gain a better understanding of. What can you tell me? ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Carrie Rubin

    Being nominated means the award is yours if you write up a post accepting it and follow the rules. Some people play the blog award game. Others don’t. I’ve decided to play it, but I don’t play it well. I always break the rules. Bad, I know, but I’m not the only one. I like to joke that only two things will survive the apocalypse: cockroaches and blog awards. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Anne Chia

      Indeed, the two things that ‘mankind’ will actually need post apocalypse:-) Ok, I get it now. So I have to dedicate one post to it accepting it,and then put up a photo of it? I do not know if I can play it though,I may be even worse at keeping those rules. Thanks Carrie.

      1. Carrie Rubin

        That’s all you have to do. A lot of bloggers keep a page of the awards they’ve won (or use side widgets) so that other bloggers can tell if they already have an award or not.

  2. moi

    As far as I am aware, and as Carrie seems to clarify being nominated means that you have the award. I have received one award and I was really happy that someone took the time out to award me it, It felt that I had achieved something.

    What I am not too keen on when it comes to awards is generally it says something like here is your awards, answer X amount of questions that are being asked (I’ve no issue with this, in fact I enjoy it), then ask X amount of questions for others (I tend to struggle here) and then Nominate about 15 other people.

    It is this last bit I am not keen on. It dilutes the meaning of the award because as soon as a fair few of people have won the award then they have nominated potentially hundreds of people have the award.

    I have gained the opinion it is more for fun than anything else.

    1. Anne Chia

      So one must nominate others in turn,I didn’t know that. Perhaps whoever started it in the first place wanted to make sure every blogger got an award? I think it’s good fun too. I get it now, but I really doubt that I can carry on this torch,I already broke the first rule by not answering my questions for my first nomination in March. I wonder if nominators are offended when nominees do nothing with their awards ๐Ÿ™‚
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      1. moi

        it depends, its normally written out on the awards page the various “things” that are suggested… I guess it is all optional.

  3. Mary Okeke Reviews

    Anne, you should be proud of your award. It means someone really appreciate what you do. I ignored an award at first. Now I am working on the second. And I am thinking about creating a page to keep all of my awards. (smiling face)

    1. Anne Chia

      True Mary, am definitely happy and thankful that people read my blog and deem it fit for an award ๐Ÿ™‚ A widget or a page; per all the suggestions, is a good idea. Thinking about it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Talkalittledo - For Life Is Funny.

    You know I was quite stupid when I received an award. I asked the awardee, “Do you think I am worthy of it?” and she replied “Definitely.” After that I did not know how to proceed and so I left it at that. Maybe next time, I will not be taken by surprise or humility and proudly wear the badge.

    1. Anne Chia

      Lol, exactly! I also left mine as that, but when I realised that perhaps something more was required from me, I wrote this post. Well hopefully, the next time we get awards, we know what to do with them!

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